Recent projects

Half a dozen projects from the last few years showing a range of work. More recently, a lot of GOV.UK GDS work, but also a selection of ecommerce/enterprise sites built with various technologies.

Check MOT History screen shot

MOT History front-end, DVSA

A public-facing Agile project; planning and building a fully responsive and accessible, production-ready version of the shiny, new GDS framework to allow for scalability and implementation across multiple GOV UK projects. Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Grunt, Gulp, NodeJS with Express and Nunjucks built into a PHP7 Zend framework application. Also using Jira and Git.

GOV UK Check MOT History (opens in new window)

MOT trade application screen shot

MOT trade application, DVSA

A trade-only, Agile project for all MOT testers and related industry professionals. Work involved; implementing and customising front-end code across all parts of the application - this is based on a responsive, accessible and heavily-customised version of the GDS framework. Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS with Express and Hogan templating, Grunt, built into a PHP7 Zend framework application. Also using Jira and Git.

Screwfix screen shot

Screwfix ecommerce website rebuild

An Agile project; designing, building and implementing a flexible, modular and responsive styleguide to use for the new Screwfix ecommerce website. Using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Grunt, Gulp. Also using Rally and Git and built on an Oracle ATG backend, running Spindrift.

screwfix.co.uk (opens in new window)

Vouchercloud screen shot

Vouchercloud website rebuild

Another Agile project; building a fully responsive interface to the new Vouchercloud website, using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and Gulp, built on an .NET C# backend.

vouchercloud.co.uk (opens in new window)

Vodafone screen shot

Vodafone front-end consultancy

A short contract consulting on and recommending best-practices for front-end architecture, optimisation and accessibility for a massive ecommerce transformation project.

vodafone.co.uk (opens in new window)

Pieminister screen shot

Pieminister website build

A large ecommerce Wordpress project; building a custom, responsive theme to the client's own graphics-heavy design, using;HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript, also with CSS animations.

pieminister.co.uk (opens in new window)

Older experience

Some older work to show a bit more diversity in project types and clients, a lot of these projects have since been superseded or archived. Again, a range of technologies and skills involved here.

Mountains of UX design work

A pencil, for designing stuff

Lots and lots of design work for; The Ministry of Defence, The Post Office, The Scouts, and General Electric to name some of the larger ones. Tasks include; planning, conducting and analysing research and testing with users, running user workshops, creating both flat and interactive designs, journeys and wireframes, building fully interactive prototyping, iterating, and then more iterating.

Various projects for the BBC

BBC logo

Lots of promotional sites for the BBC press office, rebuilding the BBC Shows and Tours site in addition to vast chunks of the About the BBC section including their Annual Reports. Mostly using HTML5, CSS3 and even the deprecated JavaScript Glow library until they sensibly moved back to vanilla JS and jQuery.

Dozens of custom WordPress development jobs

Wordpress logo

A ton of WordPress jobs - mostly creating highly customised themes and plugins using PHP, SQL, along with the usual HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript